Elaine Tsuruda

Canadian artist, born and raised in Alberta, I am inspired by Canada’s diverse ecosystem, beautiful landscapes and intense seasonal changes throughout the year.

Living abroad has directly influenced me in many art styles; my journey for styles to date has grown from Classicism to Neo-Impressionism. After arriving back in Alberta from France, I started classes at the University of Alberta, Fine Arts at the extension of Liberal Studies.

There, I continued to grow through Monotype printing, Figurative drawing and painting and bringing to life my desire to paint pointillism.  I reference divisionism as I work in multimedia to create my painting take 100 hours to 1200 hours to create this artwork process “Pointillism.”

Today, I work in a Multimedia oil, acrylic, ink, charcoal traveling when I can to collect subject matter to paint and observe to grow within my passion for Pointillism Artwork. I live life with mindfulness, resilience, and fortitude, and mentor young passionate minds. 

Featured Item: Autumn Fall

A pivotal point in my journey, this painting is about seizing the moment in life; what is the next step. I looked out to this mystic land on a cool crisp autumn morning as the mist rolled over the foothills. The colours of the frosted berries intensified as the dew began to melt with the rising sun peaking out from the covering clouds.